Training and Development Department

Providing all training opportunities for employees with the aim of developing their skills, increasing their expertise and competence, and teaching them new skills to think in a distinct manner so that they develop themselves first and then the institution as a whole, which reflects positively on the performance of the tasks and functions assigned to them, and this section is the one that chooses employees for the training and development process. It selects the least qualified employees, and works to design training programs that will raise the efficiency of the trainees, as well as preparing statistics and data about the trainees, it works on preparing annual reports on the achievements of the Training Department, reviewing the design of training programs and materials, and following up and evaluating the implementation of training programs and adhering to the developments of the company policy and following up.

Public Relations

Receiving clients and those who wish to complete the training as well as all the people who obtain jobs within the company they are directed to, and undertakes to answer any questions about the company, its activity, and its departments, i.e. as a link between them and the customers and external visitors, and it is the most important department in human resources in companies, public relations is considered one of the most important departments, and performs a distinct set of jobs inside and outside the institutions, including allowing employees to share their opinions and suggestions at work and remedy problems between them, it provides the enterprise’s customers with accurate information without misleading for the convenience of customers.

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Employment Department

It determines the extent of the company’s need to appoint new human cadres or employees, and this section must choose with great care and selection and choose the most efficient people who are able to improve the performance of the organization and increase its progress, and they are always the ones who monitor the performance of new employees, and it is the one who advertises vacancies in large newspapers or employment sites on the Internet, and they work initially to separate the applicants for the job on the basis of their certificates and experience, then they invite a minority that can meet the conditions of work, choose the most suitable among them, and then conduct individual interviews with them.

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Human Resources Affairs

Provides support and advice to employees and workers within the company, with the aim of raising their efficiency and improving their performance, in addition to making them aware of their rights and duties and clarifying the vision and goals of the company or organization for them, so that they seek to achieve them, and the department aims to obtain complete information about workers in the company in a way that maintains the confidentiality of workers in accordance with the system of HR. Encouraging constructive cooperation and establishing positive relations between workers and management through administrative communications and settling grievances, the mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide the most important human resources services to the company’s management and to maintain all regulations and manage all human resources policies and procedures.

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