Cars in the world and the increasing demand for them, which requires investors to take advantage of this opportunity by opening centers for the maintenance and repair of all cars. Among the diagnostic services for the purchase of new or used cars, and all the services needed for maintenance and repairs operations, you must choose the strategic, vital and appropriate location, in addition to providing the maintenance center with all the equipment and tools needed for maintenance operations, in addition to an important component of the center is the selection of technicians and professionals in the mechanics and electricity specialized in cars.

Starting any project, such as an automobile maintenance center, preliminary studies should be ready, feasibility study and work plan as well, which includes the following:

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Studies, including

  • Executive Summary.
  • A business plan for the center.
  • Team work.
  • Supplies and equipment related to the operation process.
  • Marketing and sales strategies.
  • Starting and establishment costs and expected revenues.
  • Financial analysis for the first year.

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Feasibility studies, including

  • Administrative studies.
  • Marketing studies.
  • Financial studies.
  • Technical studies.
  • Financial analysis for a period of five years.
  • Detailed, specific and studied economic data.
  • Recommendations by the team and research.

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Tips for starting an auto maintenance and repair center project

  • Equipment, organization and good preparation for concrete, realistic and satisfactory results
  • Risk and negative factors and get rid of them quickly before the risk increases to a larger size.
  • Maintaining the workplace from cleaning oils, lubricants, car exhaust gases, and oil residues for spare parts
  • Eliminate all movement obstacles in the work path of the center, which makes the performance of technicians and specialists higher in developing their work, providing them with psychological comfort, and working to increase their production more, in addition to the increased production of the center.

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