Our children are our pride in life. Parents and writers try to create short stories for them, because the stories work on positive and qualitative thinking and analysis and live in a world suitable for their ages, instead of living in a world of illusion and malice on social networking sites that are harmful and not useful to them. The writer must diversify the style of stories away from tradition, and possess an important element in the story, which is the ability to compose and innovate and take into account the narrative appropriate for children so that the story can be easily absorbed, and in this article, we will show you how to profit by writing children’s stories.

Creating Children’s Stories

Creating short stories for children with attractive and good content and adding appropriate images to the story. After completing the writing, writing, and printing, you can distribute 20 stories to your family, relatives and friends to find out where the error is and listen to the notes for development and amend the story until it is ready for publication and distribution.

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Publishing Stories

The stage of printing and publishing, and printing is usually done in publishing houses so that you can market your product highly, and a certain percentage of sales are agreed with the publishing house, or the second method can bear all costs, whether printing, publishing, distribution, promotion, and marketing.

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Distribution of Children’s Stories

Distribution And to bear all costs related to printing, publishing, and distribution, you can print a specific part of the stories, for example, 150 stories and distribute them to libraries, schools, kindergartens or nurseries and other places of sale for a small part of the profit

And if things succeed, you print more numbers and distribute them also in order to achieve high fame and more sales. You should be interested in the element of suspense and promotion of stories in order to achieve fame and from them, you can receive many offers from publishing houses, libraries, and others, and then decide that you work alone or with them and you have the choice.

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