Pay Attention to The Pictures on the Website

According to some statistics, many customers feel that visuals are the most influential factor when it comes to making an online purchase. If you only use one product image, or if your images are not of high quality, you probably will not be able to make a lot of sales. The product images should be clear and of high quality. But also not be of a very high resolution that affects the page loading speed.

Remind Visitors Who Did Not Purchase

The best place to start is with customers who have had the intention of purchasing certain products but have not, for one reason or another. Some online stores allow you to add products to an online shopping cart in preparation for purchase. Some customers may add what they want to buy to this e-cart and then do not complete the purchase process. What you can do is follow them by reminding them of what they wanted to buy in an email.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Many people tend to make most of the purchases using a smartphone for ease of use. While they do not rely much on computers for this purpose. If your website is not suitable for smartphones you will lose many customers.

Write Your Own Product Description

If you have been in e-commerce for a period of time, you have likely seen the following pattern repeated over and over again. When a new product is introduced to the market, you find that the product description is very similar to other stores, which is impractical. Instead of copying product descriptions from other stores, be sure to write it yourself. It won’t take much time, and it will bring better results.