What makes Algeria a suitable country for investment?

Algeria has many fortunes that support its economy. Algeria is the 18th producer and No. 12 oil exporter in the world. In addition, it has seven neighbor countries and conducts commercial operations with them, making it an economic powerhouse in the region.

What are the procedures for setting up a company in Algeria?

  • Determining the type of company and its activity.
  • Choosing the company’s commercial name, its capital and its headquarters.
  • Preparing the foundation contract, which requires the following documents:
  • A copy of the personal ID card of the partners.
  • Criminal Records document for each partner.
  • A document showing the name of the company.
  • Obtaining the commercial registration, which requires the following documents:
  • Property title deed.
  • A voucher showing the payment of tax stamp fees.
  • A voucher showing the payment of registration rights in the commercial register.

What are the types of companies in Algeria?


It consists of two or more people, and partners share the company’s debts. No partner can sell his stake without the approval of all other partners. Its creation does not require a specific amount of capital, making it one of the best corporate models.

Limited Partnership Firms

Consists of two types of partners:

  • Joint Partners: who manage this company are responsible for its debts.
  • Limited Partners: they are not responsible for company’s management duties, but participate with their capital, and are obligated to pay a percentage of the debts of the company, depending on their share. A partner can sell their stake without the approval of all other partners.

Closed Joint Stock Company

Consists of two or more partners. The company does not have a legal personality and is not subject to registration and licensing procedures. Partners share profits and losses, and the capital can be collected from one or all partners.

Partnership Limited by Shares

It is closer to a joint stock company in terms capital formation. Capital is divided into tradable shares. The company consists of two types of partners, joint partners and limited partners. The minimum capital is 1 million Algerian Dinar.

Stock Companies

Should have at least seven members, and its capital must not be less than five million Jordanian Dinar.