Should You Sell Your Website?

If your website makes good monthly profits, you have the right to decide whether it is better to keep it or try to sell it. Once sold, sure you will not get any more profits. So you are basically exchanging an income generating asset for an amount of cash. However, if you keep your website, you really do not know whether it will make more or less profits in the future. So both decisions carry great risks.

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How Much is Your Website Worth?

The first thing you may be thinking about is how much money your website is worth. Everyone believes that the value of a website is based on its capabilities, but this is not always true in the real world. Website brokers rarely value a website based on its capabilities and services. The most important factors are the profits it makes and the number of daily visitors. Subscription websites tend to get more money because they may offer paid services to users. On the other hand, websites that provide free content tend to get less money. There are many other factors that go into assessing a website, like website age and other things.

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How Do You Sell Your Website?

Although you can search for potential investors and buyers for the website anywhere, the safest way to sell your website is via online brokers.

Some of the Well-Known Online Brokers

  • FE International (
  • Empire Flippers (
  • Flippa (

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