We all have to eat home food in order to derive energy, vitality, and activity and for our bodies to grow in the correct ways that each of us needs. Food is always classified into basic groups that help in the bodybuilding process, and we can also learn about a large group of important home food industries have a very big and fast importance in our life, because they are the process of converting food items that are damaged, which is represented in plant materials that do not bear more than two days, it can be preserved more than a week or two and there is a group of foods that can bear more than a month and a year, and this is due to the method of preserving household food, which is subject to the process of canning, drying and freezing.

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The Importance of the Food Project

It helps in falling prices and helps everyone get the home food they want, for the most part, the home food industries are among the healthiest and best that can be obtained and the most important of them are:

  • Clean, sterilize and fill in the correct and distinct way in which food is preserved for as long as possible while using safe materials that help protect foods.
  • Industrial food is a simple and inexpensive industry, in order for everyone to be able to buy the supplies him and his family need, at minimal costs.
  • Providing groups of food, national and local industries through which purchases from abroad are dispensed with.
  • Improving the products resulting from fruits in general, in order to be homogeneous in ripening and the product is of high quality and suitable to remain as long as possible under the influence of using safe materials to preserve foods.
  • The evolving ways in which food is preserved, whether it is marine or vegetable products, vegetables or legumes, for there is often no indispensability for those cheaper and more durable industrial products.
  • Food that is distributed to a large group of people at the level of Cairo governorates in order to meet all their needs and prevent the import or export of food abroad. Egyptian land can meet all industrial food requirements.

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Steps to Help You Implement the Household Food Project

  • A clear plan for the work that will be carried out before it is done because planning for the work is a secret of the project’s success, so the following steps must be followed for the success of the work:
  • A specific goal in the mind, and it is based on it and not defaulting on it.
  • A clear study of the necessary requirements and the provision of a group of people to carry out the task with rapid preparation and provision of material.
  • The capital of the project is sufficient to purchase all the surplus products in order to meet the basic needs.
  • A complete plan for project implementation and marketing so that the project is managed in the right way.
  • The planning and development process of the project every period and make offers on withdrawals for the success of the project.
  • To distribute the products in the appropriate and correct manner in order to trade it in the correct and official way.

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