She seized more than $9 billion from senior business and financial men present within Silicon Valley, as she is Elizabeth Holmes, the symbol of the smallest fraud in Silicon Valley and is one of the figures that have emerged in the known and upscale fields, she left her studies in 2003 at the University of Chemical Engineering to establish a company inside Silicon Valley. She got a great idea; it is a computer-sized machine that will introduce you to all the diseases that you will suffer from easily.

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Holmes Silicon Valley

She persuaded many people with this machine and got a very big amount of money while she is 19 years old. To know the work that she did to seize Silicon Valley, here are the following points:

The First Fraud

The people in Silicon Valley left their studies because they believed her, and the Holmes, who became exemplary in her work, began this work in a cellar inside her home.

The Second Fraud

She tries to promote her skills during her weekly meetings.

The Third Fraud

Holmes considers that the lectures that she gave at Ted were always about intense transparency about the work that she does, which was describing the extent of her ability to achieve things in this area, and she was able to reach the society with her fraud.

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