We have in the world of technology and the Internet a lot of jobs and vacancies through social networking sites and in this article; we will show you the most important social media sites through which you can get jobs and employment.


LinkedIn is the main site between professionals and job seekers and the site allows you to download your CV and classification of your professional, academic and linguistic experience and to distinguish your account from others, by writing an attractive introduction, adding distinctive content other than what you find repeated in most accounts, and choosing an image of a professional and professional nature and then Review your communication skills, and do not make your network of relationships confined to only the people you know, but also the experts and influencers in your field. It is very important that you constantly update your account content, not only during the periods in which you are looking for work.


Facebook includes some features that enhance your search for a new job and update your academic and professional data on the site, try to search for employees working in a specific company and send them friend invitations and communicate with them and also that you can pay to make an advertisement on Facebook to promote your page, if you have a page to publish on it your business and achievements, or advertise it for your own company.


Twitter is a fast and direct means of communication, and it is an ideal place to follow the tips for finding a new job or follow the announcements of vacancies, and you can follow the people who are influential in your professional field, and use the hash tags to search for vacancies, jobs, and businesses, and get advice on various topics and not just Twitter, Tweet yourself, show your interests and promote your accomplishments


Creating your blog is an excellent way to show off your skills, share what you know, and show the extent of your experience in a specific field. People often judge your blog based on the last post you published, so you should make a continuous effort and make sure to update your blog at least once a week, and to provide what It provides added value for readers.


Instagram will help you find unique employment opportunities if you work in the visual, artistic and creative field and you can use Instagram to display your artworks, or promote your career, and use the various hashtags # to communicate, interact and talk about the distinction of your Instagram account that may be an excellent way to break the ice during interviews Business or networking events within professional frameworks.


Pinterest is similar to Instagram, but it is less personal, but you must be more creative on this site, and not only publish random pictures, on this site, but many publications provide advice regarding finding a job, writing a CV, or tips related to the necessary elegance during interviews. Work and follow your favorite companies and communicate with them and get to know more about them and their employees and their general nature.