You should study small business feasibility if you want to create your own business and want to know the details that will help you

in this field. It is necessary to search online, because Internet contains a set of important details that you will need

in creating a project. SMEs have many advantages to help you

progress in the field and enjoy your own freelance business.

In this article, we will be discussing as much information as you need to create a profitable business.

Thus, you will make your future brilliant and adjust your economic situation.

So you will need a set of business ideas and studies to help you in the beginning, and you must have ambition and vigor to achieve a high success rate.

Feasibility Studies of Industrial Projects

Through this article, we will mention a set of industrial projects and studies explaining them and their work.

You need a few skills to achieve this impressive success. Here are the feasibility studies for industrial projects:

A Football Stadium Project

A football stadium project is one of the medium-sized projects that start with a capital of 180 thousand Egyptian pounds and profits for the year reach 216 thousand Egyptian pounds.

As it is a work that does not require much time or effort; it is completed in a simple time

It succeeds after one month, so this is one of the distinct projects that can be implemented to create your medium project.

Small Burger Restaurant Project

Foods are always one of the things that young men and women flock to, as they are loved for many people and help them achieve an excellent and appropriate gain in a simple period, as it starts with a sum of 5 thousand Egyptian pounds and the profit in it starts from 50 thousand Egyptian pounds. This is if the restaurant is small and the size is appropriate.

Cement Bricks Production Project

The project of producing cement bricks is one of the medium-sized projects that can be implemented easily, but it achieves a high-profit rate where it can get 384 dollars per day and this is in the case of selling the equivalent of 200 to 300 square meters of cement bricks, and it needs a few products to implement the project and less capital and labor are needed in this field.

Mobile Shop Project

A mobile shop project is one of the profitable projects that get a profit of 127 thousand pounds per month, which is one of the sustainable goods that everyone wants and uses throughout the day, so we confirm that this field will be an ideal and profitable business for many people. Its costs are very simple. It is possible to achieve net profits that reach 137 thousand pounds per month, and this is why many people turn to it for trade.

Pickled Olive Production Project

The pickled olive production project is a small and medium-sized enterprise that everyone is interested in. It is one of the food industries that everyone trades in, especially in the month of Ramadan. Therefore, its net profit is about 300 thousand pounds annually, this is why a lot of people turn to it. It is a basic work for many and through them, they get lot of money.