The economy of Saudi Arabia is very dependent on various industries and is considered to be this economy

Of the most important 20 economies in the world, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia depends on oil in the first place, and in this article, we will look at the most famous industries in the country.

Oil and Gas Industry

The extraction and manufacture of oil and gas is one of the most famous industries in Saudi Arabia as well as in the Middle East

The state-owned oil and gas production is expected to increase very significantly in the coming years, according to the 2030 plan.

Therefore, Saudi Arabia is doing similar industries instead of oil and gas to be in control of Arab and international markets because the demand for them is high.

Industries that Concern Natural Resources

Saudi Arabia has a strong industry in natural resources, especially in iron, gold, silver, copper, and sulfur.

And many of the industries in which Saudi Arabia is famous, in addition to that raising sheep and livestock and converting them into various industries such as meat and introducing them into the pharmaceutical and dairy industry in which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is famous.

Information and Communication Technology

In the past years, Saudi Arabia has become a major part in the development of tablets and the manufacture of accessories for Smartphone’s

Therefore, Saudi Arabia spends more than 94 billion Saudi nationals in this industry, with an annual growth rate of 14%.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most famous industries it currently and in the future own, in addition to that the programs and applications that concern smart phones whether it is Apple or Android and has become the host of many international conferences and seminars on technology and communications after sweeping through this powerful industry.

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