What are the Procedures and Documents Necessary for Establishing a Company in Sudan?

  • Submitting a request to the commercial registrar.
  • Listing the proposed names for the company.
  • Preparing the company registration regulations.
  • Preparing the company’s headquarters.
  • Filling out the Capital Form and Declaration Form.
  • Bringing the judicial form.
  • Paying the company establishment fees.
  • Registering the company in the commercial register.

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What are the Types of Companies in Sudan?

Private Company

It is the company that cannot invite the public to subscribe to its shares. Its members can reach fifty members at most.

Public Company

What applies to the private company applies to it, but it can invite the public to subscribe to its shares.

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Limited Liability Company

The liability of each member is determined by the amount of his share in the capital. The capital is divided into shares of equal value.

Holding Company

This company participates in founding other companies or owns shares in them and works to manage them. It also provides the necessary support. The term “Holding Company” is added to all documents issued by the company. The holding company owns more than half of the subsidiary’s shares.

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