Mineral Water Wholesale Trade

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Last updated 22 June 2020
Mineral Water Wholesale Trade

The most widely used product in the world is one of the profitable projects that many people do in order to make a small project for them; they manufacture mineral water and sell it at wholesale prices. If you want to buy mineral water from companies or factories designated for them, you can enjoy this matter because we provided a large group of companies that produce the best and best sterile mineral water.This is because water has become one of the basic commodities that are sold throughout the day. It is cheap and everyone can buy it. Life has become simple, because all things have been provided in one way or another, so water has been provided in all the shops, supermarkets, and large malls at an affordable price.

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Mineral Water Manufacturing Project

It works to achieve great success for everyone who wants to work in this field. The factories work to produce a group of bottles that are sterilized, purified and filled with mineral water, where more than 1000 liters of water are filled in 60 minutes and work is done to purify more than 8000 liters in a time period of up to 8 Hours where more than 1100 bottles are manufactured per hour by means of a 2-gallon machine. In one shift, the equivalent of 8800 bottles is produced and per minute more than 24 bottles of water are filled with a capacity of 1000 ml, in which case 1440 bottles are filled An hour is filled in the equivalent of 11,520 bottles, and more than 1000 stickers are placed in 60 minutes, and 8000 stickers are placed in the shift.

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Buy Wholesale Mineral Water

You want to have a company or factory that sells mineral water wholesale for profit, so make sure you are in the right place because we produce a lot of bottles per day and we can cover the order you want, for this, it is easy to buy the quantity you want from the water, and you can get the company number From the sticker on the mineral water bottle.

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Stages of Water Filling

Purification and storage process is the process by which water is purified from external factors and placed in a tank until it is rinsed and filled, which is an important step in the work where these bottles are automatically filled and the cap is pressed on them in the correct way along with printing the production date and the validity on the packaging for sale and after bottles are placed on the itinerary in order to transport them to the sterilization stage. The bottles are completely sterilized from the outside by the usual methods by the factory and after passing the bottles on the itinerary again in order to put them in their own cartons and the date and validity are put on the carton from the outside and put the cartons on top Some are one after the other, and at the end of the day, the water filling stage will be completed.

  A Project on Mineral Water, See Its Details

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