Marketing Your Company Through Telegram

Last updated 8 June 2020
Marketing Your Company Through Telegram

Despite the recent novelty of the Telegram program, compared to the rest of the other programs for exchanging messages, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, it managed to find a unique and fast place between the rest of the programs, and therefore it became important to take advantage of this rapid spread of the program to serve our marketing purposes.

Telegram includes a useful feature for commercial projects and major institutions which is the channels feature. It transformed the app from being only a messaging app to be a social publishing platform. It enables you to create your channel or group or to communicate with your audience. This channel supports the sharing of images, videos, audio, books, Word files PowerPoint files and other types of files, which gives you high flexibility.

What is Telegram?

It is a messaging app that focuses on speed and privacy and is available free of charge. You can use it on all devices at the same time and seamlessly sync messages across any of the mobile phones or computers. The number of active users of Telegram is about 70 million currently. They send more than 2 billion messages per day.

Create Your Commercial Channel on Telegram

When you create the channel for your business, you will have a link of it, and you can then post this link on all social media platforms to let people subscribe to the channel. As soon as the person clicks on it he will go directly to your channel to subscribe.

How Do You Use Telegram in The Marketing of Your Business or Private?

First Use

Submit new content to your Telegram channel: Your content will be different from the one you post on other social media sites because the subscriber will not subscribe to your channel if it has the same content as those other sites.

Second Use

Advertising exchange with other telegram channels: Use the ability to advertise other channels within your channel, and contact the owner of the announced channel, which in turn will publish your channel in the form of a post that the channel subscribers see.

Third Use

Add your channel to the evidence applications, follow the guide applications, and participate in updating them with a link to your channel.

Fourth Use

Advertising on a famous channel: Advertising your website does not necessarily require that you have a channel on the program, but you can advertise your site in one of the famous Telegram channels. Choose one of the channels with huge subscribers numbers to be in the same field of your business project as education, health, beauty, shopping, and others. Ask their management to advertise your site for a fee that is agreed upon.

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