Small and micro-enterprises have an original obligation to prepare feasibility studies, each according to the nature of the projects to be set up to avoid indiscriminate spending.

It is necessary to confirm and study well the project before proceeding to its implementation.

The Idea is the Basis

It is important to study and analyze the main idea of ​​the project and the feasibility of it, and whether that idea or project works to solve a problem

in the market or not, studying competitors in the same marketing segment and defining the legal template for the project and the site.

Market Study

After studying the basis of the idea, you should know whether the Market Study will be beneficial or not, and determine the appropriate time to go to the market.

In addition to studying competitors, it is important to study both the idea and the potential market.

Project Requirements

The project requirements must be specified, whether operational or not, such as production materials, size of the productive and selling capabilities, operating expenses, and skills that need to be familiarized with these projects.

Financial Notch

The financial capabilities and sources of bringing financial liquidity to projects must be determined whether the financing is personal or through the bank.