Young people want to do a project of their own using only the skills they possess without the need for large capital or the need for manpower. One of the projects that are easy to implement is the waste recycling project.

Waste Recycling

Recycling industrial, household, or agricultural waste; this is done to preserve the environment and reduce the traceability of that waste, and this process is done by collecting the waste, sorting it, and then recycling it.

It has four main steps:


Reducing the raw materials that are used which result in reducing waste.

Re-Use of Waste

Re-using glass or plastic bottles after sterilization to reduce waste.


Waste re-use to produce and manufacture new products but they are of less quality than the original products.

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Thermal Recovery

To get rid of environmentally friendly waste, hospital waste, and sewage waste by burning it in a certain way.

Project Implementation Steps

  • To join a community organization interested in this matter, and in particular, those interested in the issue of environmental preservation. Volunteering in such organizations makes you aware of the locations of these waste and ways of collecting them, in addition to your ability to communicate with those who do these things.
  • Assembling some workers to work on this project, as it is not sufficient for individual employees.
  • Developing a business plan and assigning tasks, where the organization is the main factor for the success of your project, you divide the tasks between three leaders, a general leader of the work team, and another based on sales and financial matters, and the third supervises the sorting and collection of waste.
  • A place to establish the project where it is a large and empty place where the waste is collected and the workers sort it out and deliver it to the buyer.

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The cost is only for materials used in the case of manual recycling of waste and a small number of workers in addition to renting the place.

Marketing for the Recycling Project

Divided into:

  • Collecting waste to sell to factories that work in waste recycling: Marketing will be addressed to workers to collect waste and factory owners to purchase the waste after sorting it.
  • Waste collection to be recycled and used for handicraft marketing will address people who purchase these types of products.

Other Successful Projects

Spice Shop

This project does not require huge capital but rather an average capital sufficient to establish this project.

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Implementation Steps

The Place

Residential area in order to facilitate the marketing process where there is a large population and thus sales increase, and that the shop is in the main street in order to facilitate customers access to it in various ways, and that it be well ventilated to preserve the goods and prevent damage to them.


Providing an electricity source and a meter to enable you to light the shop and operate the devices.


The most important thing is to make good use of the space.


 Contracting with wholesalers to supply herbs, oils, and foods

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Food Distribution

There is a permanent demand for food commodities of various kinds due to the increased consumption and the multiplicity of their needs and desires from these materials and this is done by buying different commodities and foodstuffs through wholesalers and by distributing it by car to small stores that sell retail such as grocery stores and minimarkets.

Project Success Factors

  • Commitment to appointments and dealing seriously with shop owners.
  • Providing means of communication.
  • Establishing good relationships with shop owners.
  • Making discounts and offers on holidays.
  • Dealing with trusted suppliers to take products at better prices.


It does not require a big capital to implement it, the cost of purchasing the car and equipment is low and accessible to young people, and it is characterized by the diversity of places where the car can move daily and the ease of changing the place in the event of a shortage of sales to move to crowded places to raise sales.


Using social media where you develop the cart and menu and display it in an attractive way.

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