Be a Marketer for One of the Companies or Brands

If you are a high-visibility account owner, companies and brands owners come to you to advertise their products on your account for certain amounts of money, and the owner of the product pays you for advertising, publishing, promoting them and displaying their products so that the product is known among all.

Connect Your Instagram And YouTube Accounts to Your TikTok Account

Through this step, you encourage Instagram and YouTube followers to follow you on your account in TikTok , and through this feature, you can announce all your accounts on social networking sites and earn a lot of money and get more views by entering Instagram and YouTube followers into the TikTok and transfer between accounts with ease.

Post Discount Links for the Products you Shop for

This is done by explaining in a short video about the discount mechanisms on these products and that there are a lot of additional discounts available with our company and you can take a commission for each discount code you get through your followers and try to follow with them to get this commission.

Connecting TikTok to the Website

This is done by directing the followers and viewers to the website and asking them their numbers or their email, then receiving inquiries and opinions about the presentation method so that you can follow up with them by sending all discounts and offers through text messages or email, and this method is considered one of the best ways to the owners of companies and institutions depend on it, and they request it from celebrities on social media sites as a whole, especially a TikTok.

You can also get views and visits to the website, this in itself is a profit for you.

Money can be Saved for Initiatives and Projects

Publish a specific link that urges followers to financially support these initiatives, whether they are the community, entrepreneurial, or the like, or to support investment projects. There are many companies and people who support such campaigns, so you are the first to work on this or to support the personal, for example.

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