Profit by Connecting Applications to Facebook

In 2014, the Facebook Company expanded its scope of work by subscribing to its advertising company, Audience Network, and through it, the owners of mobile applications can profit through Facebook, whether it is Android or IOS, and through the company, you can register and then place ads on this application and after you can make money from ads.

Profit by Connecting Online Games to Facebook

Anyone in the world has Facebook, so it is possible that you have noticed ads appearing on instant games when browsing, searching and playing the game on Facebook and if you specialize in programming and designing games by combining them with the list of instant games and then Facebook puts ads on it and you can then get profits through these games.

Profit by Linking Instant Articles to Facebook

For ease of making money and profits from Facebook, the company created a feature that links instant articles or instant articles to Facebook and through which Facebook users can enter articles and sites by linking to Facebook and sharing them immediately. Once you click on the article link it opens directly and usually, the articles are unique and attractive and Facebook provides this feature Free of charge to users, as well as site owners, can make money by writing articles and displaying them on their site and then on Facebook.

Profit by Selling Products on Facebook Marketplace

Being a Facebook user can view and sell your products easily and simply through the service that Facebook provided to users Facebook Marketplace, and through it, you can add the products that you own, manufacture or import, and quickly appear to all users according to ages, tendencies, and gender and you can through this service Facebook Marketplace

You can communicate between the owner of the commodity or the offered product and the buyer himself through the Messenger of Facebook. After agreement by the buyer and the seller, you can earn profits and money through this wonderful feature.

Earn with Facebook Videos

Any person on Facebook can have a page on which he can publish wonderful and varied videos and whoever links it to the Ad Breaks program and can participate in this program and you can then earn profits and money through this videos by placing ads on them and you like a video publisher must enjoy the conditions that Facebook imposes on you, As in YouTube and its conditions.

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