Most common myths about self-employment are correct (only partially), but there are many false assumptions that many consider being myths about self-employment, so in this article, we will look at the most common myths about self-employment.


I am the Manager of Myself

The first myth and we can say most of the freelancers have heard of is: “I am jealous of you, you do not have a manager, and you are the manager of yourself.” Many customers include the equivalent of working within a regular job with a steady income, so let’s look at it from a larger perspective, 5 clients = 5 managers (juniors), so working with them and trying to communicate with them more than once during the day is very stressful, and confirmation is a challenge much greater than the regular job.

Opening Hours and Places I work with

The freelancers work quite freely compared to employees who work in regular offices, and they can work anywhere internet is available, but the idea is that although work is essentially appropriate for them, there is still a person with greater authority that limits their working hours, whether it is a customer of a transit project or the due date you must adhere to. Keeping in touch with clients determines that your work schedule cannot differ much unless the customer is in a different time zone.

My Home is My Workplace

Working from home seems very comfortable, but it requires greater discipline, because you will be surrounded by temptations such as eating, drinking, sleeping, boys and wife and you may feel some days that you want to watch a movie instead of working on a project, while this is unlikely to happen in an office. The deadlines for delivery remain the same for everyone. The inability to separate the workspace from the living space can cause major problems. You will eventually feel as if you are working around the clock throughout the entire week, and your love for your work will fade soon then.

In the end, people are social creatures, and sitting indoors all day will cause them depression after a while and this is the reason why many freelancers rent common work-spaces, whether in companies or cafes.

Income Control

There are dozens of freelancers who have been self-employed for a long time, and they already have a fairly large advantage in income compared to any new person entering the market and this is the reason why leaving the regular job to start self-employment without any financial reserve is a wrong idea and when you start working free, it takes some time to understand the market needs that you can meet, after that comes the hard part, which is getting the first customer; and it can become much easier after that, but not necessarily, and in the end, there will be times when you will be able to choose what you want to do, and there will be times when you cannot do that; since you will be busy working on more than one project, therefore it is necessary to manage your expenses. Set aside money for your expense; also monitor your monthly income frequently to be ready for the future.