Renting electric cars for children in malls, parks, and amusement parks is one of the profitable projects that accrue to its owner with a lot of profits, and these cars work through remotes, controlling the car that the child drives through its owner, and people prefer to ride their children on this car when they go to the malls and parks for shopping and entertainment, Also, these projects provide job opportunities for the unemployed and graduates, and it is considered one of the new and distinguished projects in the country, in addition to that it works to solve unemployment problems in the country, and the demand for them increases greatly with summer vacations and holidays, especially on Saturdays, Sundays, and Fridays.

Project Idea

Children electric cars of small sizes, children from 3 to 8 years old can ride them, and the driving space is very small and limited, and each car has a special remote to control it, whether from the father or the mother or its owner to prevent it from the collision, so people accept their rent greatly, which is what belongs to its owners’ Profit and earn money.

Project Features

Work on a Daily Basis for High Profits

 It continues to work on a daily basis and returns to its owner with daily profits. As for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, its profits increase dramatically.

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Work is not Stressful

Because a classy and polite class is dealt with, so this project is considered one of the comfortable projects for graduates and the elderly.

Starting Costs are Simple

Not at high and high costs, but rather requires simple costs, and this project does not depend on equipment and tools but only 5 cars to work directly.

Work is not Tiring

It is not stressful like other commercial projects, and it does not require effort, time, and great fatigue, but this project depends on the father and mother in the process of controlling these cars.

Project Termination Without any Losses

You can at any time finish the project without any major capital losses by selling cars and you can recover the project capital 5 times because in this case the cost of the cars has been doubled.

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Feasibility Study for the Electric Car Rental Project for Children

How to Buy Electric Cars?

  • One of the large game stores for children’s games.
  • Import this electric car from China
  • The capital is very small, you can start with five electric cars, and after you achieve the profit you increase the number of cars to double.
  • Buy this electric car from an online store.

Required Labor

One person to work, but on the condition that he devotes himself from four o’clock in the evening until twelve at night, and this person must be distinguished by some of his personal characteristics, such as the sophisticated approach in dealing with clients, appearance and acceptance, .preferably by the project owner himself

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The Cost of the Project

The total cost of one electric car is approximately 200 dollars to 600 dollars, for 10 cars, it is estimated at 2000 dollars to 7000 dollars. As for work, the car is rented for 10 minutes at 2.5 dollars, while the hour 60 minutes is rented at 15 dollars, for example, I bought 10 cars in the equation, which is a number Cars multiplied by the total cost per hour, 10 cars multiplied by $ 15 and equal to $ 150 an hour, and this exit is from ten cars.

Project Marketing Services

It does not need any marketing, because your presence in the park or malls is sufficient for the marketing process and you must choose the appropriate time and place for that. So customers and customers when they come to the commercial malls and parks

They will come to you to bring joy and happiness to their children. You can place a bright and clear banner on top of the booth or car to attract the attention of customers, in addition to that, brochures that clarify the nature of the work and distribute it to the arrivals in the place.

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The Project Location

This project is implemented in the external spaces of commercial malls or in any entertainment place that children visit continuously. As for the area, 3 square meters will be sufficient to establish this project and manage it through this small booth, and there should be freedom to use the place as required so that the children and their families do not go beyond the space purchasing a mall while renting the car.

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