There are many designs on Google engines, but it is better to design a maintenance center with the help of a special designer to design this center with appropriate bases and standards and the design should be comfortable for car owners and workers in this center and one of the most important of these standards required in the designs for auto maintenance centers.

Good Design and Suitable for Work

To be well informed in the world of designs, especially car center designs, for quality additions to this center. The center must be suitable and comfortable for work, especially for employees who work in this center.

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Good Ventilation

Adding many windows in the design so that it is applied on the ground and where the ventilation is good inside the center or the workshop so that the workers are not exposed to mental illness.


The center has a high degree of good design, especially with regard to lighting and good lighting for this center, because without lighting workers cannot work with high quality and efficiency.

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Distribution in the Center’s Building

Determine which areas, angles, and rooms are the most important, then less than that so that the rooms that are working continuously are close to the center entrance and the rooms are of little use inside the building, and you must appropriate distribution to both the plumbing and painting department and the spare parts and mechanics room and the manager and the bathroom and the elevators and other things that go into the right criteria and foundations for distribution.


It takes into account the opening of more than one emergency exit in cases of fire, so focus should be on this basis, in addition to these indications to clarify it during the fire.

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