Online services provided through mobile applications

Using modern technology, new technologies, smart communication devices, and tablets, the number of banks providing banking services via mobile phone has increased by issuing their own “Mobile Banking app” where customers download them to their smartphones, to enable them to conduct their banking transactions, and manage their accounts in Any time and from anywhere in the world without the need to visit banks and through the house, you can control your own money and send and receive remittances with all parts of the world, and this comes within the instructions of the central bank to support the financial inclusion initiative and enhance citizens’ confidence in the services provided by the banking system and then implement the state plan For sustainable development, activating electronic banking services, contributing to reducing the cache trading process, and providing new alternative channels for obtaining services.

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Banking services through the banking mobile applications

  • Balances and details of accounts, credit cards, deposits, loans, and the movement of your paid checks.
  • Transfer between your accounts in your bank in various currencies.
  • Accounts in various banks inside and outside the country.
  • Pay off your credit card and loan dues.
  • Request to change the credit limit of your credit cards.
  • Pay all your bills.
  • Record of payments and transfers.
  • The latest offers and discounts offered by the bank when using your bank cards.
  • The latest interest rates and foreign exchange rates.
  • Issuing a checkbook and charging prepaid cards.
  • Pay all your different bills.
  • Paying donations to charitable foundations
  • Activate and deactivate your bank cards.
  • Report stolen or lost cards.
  • Credit inquiry through I-Score.
  • Inquire about the nearest ATM and the nearest branch of your bank.
  • Subscribe to the SMS service, the alert on the mobile phone, or e-mail.

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How to subscribe to the service

Downloading your bank application on the mobile phone through the iOS App Store or Google Play and then logging in to the service using the user name and password used or created through the banking internet service.

If you are not subscribed to the banking internet service, visit your bank’s website, then choose the banking internet service, then choose a new user, choose your password, then contact the customer service center to activate the service, or visit the nearest branch.

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