PayPal App

Among the most popular applications at the present time, it is one of the oldest applications to send and receive money with ease and simplicity, and you can easily withdraw PayPal money from all ATMs all over the world and the disadvantages of this application do not provide the ability to pay for purchases through shops and service institutions And you can download this application through Google Play on Android and IOS devices on iPhone devices of all kinds, it is very easy to send money internationally and globally, and before that all of the sender and recipient must have PayPal accounts.

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Best applications in its ease, by sending and receiving money, whether it is from friends or family, the fees for any process cost you 3% of credit cards, and this application is considered one of the safest applications, in addition to the strict security measures by them, there is no need for fear or concern from piracy operations Or fraud or theft of information, and you can easily download the application on Android or iPhone.

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Google Wallet

You can download it as an electronic wallet on your mobile phone, it allows you to transfer and send money within the borders of the United States of America only, and it is allowed to pay money to any commercial retail or retail store.

Skrill App

Easy, fast and safe in the process of cash transfer, and you can transfer your money very comfortably, and you can transfer money to more than 180 countries in the world, in addition to that there are more than 40 currencies, you are free to choose the appropriate currency, and you can easily exchange crypto currencies, and pay Your payments through this application, in addition to withdrawing large funds through ATMs via MasterCard all over the world, and getting notifications and alerts at the same time after the completion of your financial transactions.

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Transfer money to abroad with a high degree of safety, low price and high speed, and track payments safely, and you can fund the transfer using your card or through your bank account, and users can receive money directly, and you can transfer money to the mobile wallet, and you can receive money in US dollars or In local currency, sending money to more than 45 countries for a small transfer fee.


He has a strong partnership with banks and credit unions in the United States of America, and you can easily conduct financial transactions, through the mobile phone number and email of the recipient and this application works in the United States, and there are no fees to benefit from the application, and to use the application you must have an account A banker in America.

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Send money to all countries of the world as a registrar or guest on mobile devices by downloading the application, and allows you to track transactions, pay bills and manage your account with ease, and you can deposit money, and send it to the mobile wallet, and this application is available in more than 200 countries, and 350,000 sites in The world, you can send money at high speed on the go, and the best money transfer app.

Walmart MoneyCard

Manage your money through this application with ease and at any time, pay bills, and store money. Walmart MoneyCard card allows you to deposit checks easily through the smartphone in addition to shopping inside the internet without withdrawal fees, and you can share the application to six members of your family.

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