A lot of people around the world have become aware of the danger of the fifth generation which is why it is already banned in many places and global markets such as Brussels, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Germany, the UK, and the USA.

5G is not the second generation of mobile communication after 4G. It is a new and small technology, it is a military technology used on the battlefield that is now deployed in the civil field It is weapons phased in stages and sold across the market and hidden as a communication system when the frequency system that uses it is the same used in Crowd control.

On the eighteenth of October, 2019, the Chinese Wuhan hosted the World Military Games and used in particular the 5G for the first time for this event, we were reported on January 24, 2023, and the American pharmaceutical biotechnology company received a $ 9 million grant to develop this virus. She received a financial grant from the Alliance for the Innovations of this Epidemic and obtained $ 56 billion to develop vaccines for Middle East fever.

What if 5G technology is used on the market to allow this new virus and biological weapons to infiltrate more easily into our bodies and it seems that the characters and groups have planned for this and already have the vaccine, just as it did for other epidemics that have vanished like SARS, urine and like it is the same epidemic that is being played in the world Every three years in two ways:

First: It invents and amplifies the virus, stopping people and the global commercial movement, and conducting ineffective and decisive tests. The world fell into the trap of this small virus and pushed thinking and money into having to buy the vaccine and introduce mandatory vaccination on them.

Second: Create, export, and test a biological weapon virus in the world by spreading it among people, experimenting with it, pretending that it was a natural nail, watching the number of people killing it, and helping to improve birth control and business schedule, removing the population, which again highlights the need for mandatory vaccines in this way, and this way you can develop a vital weapon to reduce the population of countries competing in global trade and industrial markets as a political air strategy.

DNA and epidemics vaccines are worrisome for humans because these viruses, epidemics, and agendas aim to integrate the machine so that we are controlled and overlooked with very negative force. Human beings with consequences that no one can fully predict.

Whoever patents this virus and uses it to develop the vaccine, it is the Berberine and Bill Gates Institute and it is developed by a British company and also funded the introduction of 4G technology.

So how can a virus not seen with the naked eye be able to occupy global markets and the world as a whole and the world cannot stop it in light of the tremendous and great development taking place in the universe and through this virus, to overturn the global economy from below to above in a few minutes, really it is a very dangerous virus that was able to storm the world, and by doing so? 4G technology a new disaster befall us? And what if we got under control like pens, what would our life be like?