Establishing small projects has become an important issue in our time so that they can open new doors of livelihood to them and achieve financial stability and independence. There are many ideas for small entrepreneurial projects that do not cost large amounts of money.

That starting any project is not with all the money you own, the project may not succeed and this is a great loss for you, for this, you always have to do a comprehensive study to have a full background about the project that you will start in, so that the project is in the list of success or even Failure with the least possible losses, and thus we are talking in this article on the most important projects that concern young people and can make money and profit behind them with the lowest costs and capabilities, the most important of which are:

House Cleaning in all its Forms

It is a project that needs 10 workers for cleaning, then make a few ads to clean houses and isolation and the service is a subscription every month and the price is encouraging. Although it is considered a small project, it is very profitable and the expansion in it brings you a lot of business and profits. This project is specialized for owners of buildings and hotels And restaurants especially in the case of expanding your business and until you win all of your work.

Sale or Exchange of Used Furniture:

In light of these somewhat bad economic conditions in most Arab countries, the popularity of used furniture has increased and now this is your opportunity to start buying used furniture from all its sources and resell it in the same condition or after you have maintained and renewed it. Choose a suitable location and method for displaying the furniture and arranging it attractively, whether through a subscription mobile application or website, and then buy used furniture from an auction or furnished apartments and hotels or through advertisements. It is one of the most important features in this project. It does not require special skills or equipment, as it is an investment with low operating costs every month, and this project gives good profit without getting tired of it too much.

Car Accessories Manufacturing

The idea of ​​this project is excellent, as you can make medals, drawings, antiques, or similar accessories components that are placed in several places inside the cars, and market them to auto parts and accessories stores. They are abundant and sold at good prices. Their manufacture is not expensive and can afford to open the project.

Perfume Manufacturing Project

You can learn how to make perfumes and buy raw materials and manufacture them yourself and then sell them. This project achieves many profits, and you can sell it to your relatives, friends, and neighbors, and also distribute them to barber shops or hairdressers for women due to the high demand.

Technical Tools Accessories Trading

They are accessories that complement the work for modern portable laptops, smartphone’s, and all small portable electronic devices. All these tools have a greater price when they move away from the place where they were manufactured in different countries. These goods are manufactured to sell them in bulk, so their price is cheap and easy. Buy a large quantity of them, which helps to resell them again at an average price that guarantees you to make sufficient profits.

Translation Services

Given that the current economy is rapidly moving towards globalization, the demand for translation services increases, which are services that individuals, companies, and institutions need, for a private or commercial purpose. As for companies, they are in constant need to communicate with many customers and companies around the world; they also need translation in different areas so that they can communicate with all business people, whether through marketing or the content that these companies provide on their websites.

Professional Blogging and Writing

Blogging and writing have proliferated a lot and are considered some of the new professions, as there are many tools available to bloggers. But it has become easier now with a few clicks of the mouse, and the goals have changed to achieve profit from blogging.

Phone Accessories

The manufacture of accessories for mobile phones depends on leather, fabric, or paperboard, and you can get good models and try to produce similar models, but the important thing is to put your artistic touches and try to market them to the owners of mobile phone stores. You can get good profits through this project.


It is the advertisement of products or goods through the creation of websites, or the famous social networking sites and these were some of the .ideas for small and very profitable projects and not completely expensive You can find in them the idea that suits you .