Metal Collection

It is the stage of collecting all materials made of scrap metal. There must be containers designed specially to collect metals and ready to be sent to the manufactory.

Separating Metals

Once metals are collected, the next step is to sort them out using electromagnets. It is worth noting that metals quality plays a role in the recycling process. The higher the quality of the metal, the better the product made of it will be.

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All metals are crushed and pressed with machines. This process reduces the size of the scrap metal.


The scrap metal is shredded into small pieces to facilitate the metals smelting process, as small pieces require less energy to melt.

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Solid metals are converted to liquid. Melting can take a few minutes or several hours, depending on the temperature and the amount of the metal.


Dirt, debris and other unwanted impurities are removed.

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The molten metal is cooled and It turns to be a solid metal. Chemicals are added to the metal and various shapes and sizes are designed from it.