Is Egypt a suitable country for investment?

The economy of Egypt has a promising future for several reasons. One of these reasons is the high-quality infrastructure in the country. Egypt has many airports and ports that link Egypt to various areas of the world. Being the largest oil producer and the second largest natural gas producer in Africa has noticeably strengthened its economy. These factors have attracted many investors and encouraged them to start their business in Egypt.

How do you establish your company in Egypt?

Decide the type of the company

First you have to decide the type and size of the company you want to establish. Is it a limited liability company? Unlimited liability company? Solidarity company? Or a joint stock company?

When choosing the type of the company, you must also specify the type of activity the company will undertake, whether it is commercial or political…etc. Please be careful not to choose a company name already used by another company.

Prepare the necessary documents to establish the company

  • First investors must obtain the legal documents that will give them the right to establish their company. Partners should prepare the necessary documents to give their representative the authority to establish the company. Otherwise they will have to complete all the procedures themselves.
  • Prepare the personal documents, like copies of the personal ID card, or passport for foreigners.
  • Prepare the documents that can prove the ownership of the property used as the company’s headquarters.
  • A document from the bank to prove that the required amount of money has been deposited.

What are the procedures taken to establish the company in Egypt?

The investor begins preparing the founding documents of the company. He fills in the initial contract form, which includes the name of the company, the type of its activity, the value of the capital, in addition to the names of the partners, if any. The investor also obtains a certificate proving that the company name had not been taken previously. Then, he opens a bank account and deposits the capital into this bank’s account, which in turn notifies the investment authority in Egypt that the founder has deposited the capital. The investor then goes to the investment authority to complete the procedures and pay the establishment fees.