Application Name

The application’s name should be thoughtful and easy to remember, and also short and appealing. It should be related to the application that you want to create.


It’s very important to create a logo that grabs people’s attention. The most difficult thing about logo design is that it must be distinct from the rest of the logos used as possible, and it must also be simple and attractive. Lots of companies like Facebook, Viber, and Snapchat have designed really good logos that have successfully been stored in our minds.

Description of the Application in App Stores

When a user enters the app store without having any prior knowledge of your app, it is the app description that will tempt them to click on the “Download” button of your app. It’s not about what you write, it’s the way you write it.

Videos and Pictures

Sometimes the app description doesn’t include enough information about the app‘s content. So you may need to put some videos and some pictures to show the app’s idea and services.

App Reviews

Often times users want to share their feedback, whether they consider the app to be helpful or bad. You can check user reviews in the review section under the app’s description. The app’s performance and customer satisfaction are measured by the stars it gets.