Definition of Marketing for Business Success

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Definition of Marketing for Business Success

All people practice marketing in their daily lives, but when individuals try to show off the most elegant ideas, even if individuals do it without realizing it.


Begin from the development of individuals for all plans that enable them to market their products, and price them at the best prices. This means carrying out tasks and services with high intelligence and placing individuals in the places that suit them so that we can promote the product in easy ways, and possible methods, and in the end, we can achieve the basic purpose that its goal is to reach a lot of profits for all individuals, organizations, institutions, and companies. Therefore, it is one of the most important things that managers do.

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Marketing with a Variety of Concepts

  • Activities carried out by individuals, so that they become acquainted with the wishes of customers, and develop products for their company, to satisfy these desires, and achieve a lot of profits.
  • The art that enables marketers to sell their products, marketing has many dimensions, whether in terms of material needs, or social, and economic.
  • Defining the target group through carrying out the process of understanding, analyzing and grouping the production process, and the directions of the customers, and presenting the products they need.

A Brief History of Marketing

Individuals used to go to the markets, choose the discerning merchants, and deal with them through the process of buying and selling, and getting the products they need, and the merchants were presenting their products in ways that attracted the customers to buy them, and they gained profits, and material profits.

Through a series of developments that occurred throughout the ages and centuries, especially after the Industrial Revolution, the concept of marketing in general developed.

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Marketing Stages

More Production on Demand

One of the stages that are going on in the minds of owners of companies and major factories, and thinking about how he can produce large quantities of their goods, and be marketed, and how they benefit from the demands of the gentlemen customers on these products.


Achieving a lot of sales for different types of commodities, especially in this era after a lot of communications, brands, and advertisements have been flocking to the markets for selling products, and there must be a distinctive brand that enables a person to sell at higher rates in these markets crowded with products.


Those who have great capabilities to persuade customers to buy these products, and they are assisted in this media by broadcasting ads about these products, whether it is in the daily newspapers, radio, television, or via the Internet, which has led to the ease of marketing of all products.

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Marketing Career

What distinguishes successful companies makes them grow, and flourish distinctively, and there must be rules followed by these companies. It consists of the departments that exist in the company, where we find that for each degree of this gradient of career, tasks, and responsibilities for them so that things do not mix On one side, each profession has its benefit, which ultimately enables the company to achieve outstanding successes.

Executive Director

He manages the company, and he can plan, coordinate, organize, and monitor the administration in general, and he also sets the policy that the facility is going through.

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 Director’s Duties

  • Supervising all those present in the company.
  • Formulating the main objectives of the company.
  • Distributes tasks.
  • Reviews all the strategies that are developed in the company.
  • Establishes the company’s existing policy.
  • Review all promotions and salaries that are issued in the company.
  • The authority to review the company’s budget permanently.
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Tasks of the General Manager

  • Supervises all activities.
  • Achieves the best strategies for the company.
  • Special reports on staff
  • Distinguished methods that enable him to reach the best results.
  • Decisions concerning great projects.
  • Deals with and encourages all employees present in the company.
  • Issues decisions concerning great projects.

Human Resource Management

Employment within the company, as it encourages all employees present in the company, to reach the goals that you seek, and these human resources are divided into two main parts:

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To attract individuals to work in this company, and choose the best suitable individuals for this business, and appoint them in positions that suit their skills, and submit reports that relate to the existing employees, to determine the reward and the bonus for this matter.


So that the company can direct employees to the developments and changes in this area.

Marketing Management

The planning operations that take place until the company’s products are marketed, at the right prices for the products, and promoted through various campaigns; distribute these products to all the gentlemen customers who need them.

The Importance of Marketing Career Progression

It is of great importance in achieving the goals and desires of the target audience, stating that each member of the company has his role through a career hierarchy that enables him to carry out the organized activities that ultimately aim to produce goods, promote them, meet customer needs, and price pricing Suitable for everyone, and this is followed by many other activities, such as cuts, etc.

The Role of Marketing Career Progression

Reaching profit, whether these projects are of industrial, service, or commercial types Marketing activities have emerged for long periods and are now among the necessary, and very profitable, activities that we can do through electronic marketing.

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