What Encourages the Establishment of the Company in Costa Rica?

  • It is possible to establish a company with one person.
  • Costa Rica’s tax rate is low compared to some other countries.
  • The country has a stable political situation.

Good Investment Areas in Costa Rica

  • Real estate.
  • Tourism.
  • Industry (such as electronics).
  • Trade.

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Procedures for Establishing the Company in Costa Rica

  • Choosing a name for the company and determining its activity.
  • Determining the type of company.
  • Translating the company name into Spanish and submitting an application to reserve the company name.
  • Signing documents.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Deposition of the capital.
  • Preparing the contract
  • Obtaining approval from the municipality.
  • Completing tax procedures.
  • Registration in the Costa Rican Social Security Fund.
  • Applying for employee insurance.

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Types of Companies in Costa Rica

  • Enterprise.
  • Limited Liability Company.
  • Public Partnership.
  • Limited Partnership.

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