What is Granite?

Granite is a light-colored stone formed by the slow crystallization of some sediments beneath the surface of earth. Granite is mainly made of quartz and feldspar with small amounts of amphibole and other minerals. This mineral composition usually gives a red, pink, gray or a white color to granite.

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Facts About Granite

  • Granite is very solid compared to some other stones.
  • Much granite can be found in various continents and it is found in large quantities.
  • Granite consists of sediments from lava.
  • Its melting temperature is 1215-1260 ° Celsius.
  • Granite contains 20 to 60 percent of quartz.

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Some Uses of Granite

  • Used to make floor tiles.
  • Used as a surface for kitchen countertops.
  • Used as a surface for stairs.
  • Used for making sculptures.
  • Used as a pavement.

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