In this article, we will discuss the different types of ports found around the world. There are nine main types of ports:

Natural Ports

They are the ports that are usually protected from storms and sea waves through natural and fertile lands and mountain ranges or natural islands.

Semi-Natural Ports

They are ports that are surrounded by land, but they need a lot of industrial work to protect and arrange their entrances.

Industrial Ports

They are seaports that are protected by breakwaters and constructed by potholes, to continue as normal as well as protect them from sea waves and storms.

Military Ports

They are the ports that are used to receive military ships and work to store military devices and equipment, as ships usually resort to them when storms strike at sea, which is a huge commercial port and these ports require a lot of things such as safe and easy access to and from the sea and good facilities as well.

Ocean Port

It is a port special for ships that sail in the huge oceans and seas and can be classified natural or industrially in the bays or estuaries of all kinds or the seashore.

Free Ports

It is a safe and isolated area until this vessel is handled with cargo, manufacturing, unloading, and the like. There is no interference by the laws of the country and countries and the general goal behind these free ports is freedom of trade.

Fishing Ports

The fishing ports are very small and serve the fishermen first and protect their boats, and some of them usually have markets for fish marketing that are caught in addition to factories for preserving and canning fish in different forms and sizes.

Asylum Ports

They are the ports that marine ships resort to when storms blow enormously on the seas and it is considered part of a large and huge commercial port and therefore needs easy, safe, and fast access in such ports.

Marinas on the Highest Seas

It is anchors for making and preparing ships in deep water, through several methods such as establishing anchors or islands. In these islands, loads are transported by pumping pipes or through a delivery package and a lot of things can also be transported through containers.