In this article, we will explain to you how the process of managing port operations is carried out and how ships come to countries with goods, whether through import or export.

Control Tower

This tower notes ships crossing in regional waters, and then this tower takes information reports about these ships and then transfers them to the higher management of the country’s seaports for approval to be taken from the requirements for payment and license from all ministries such as trade, industry, transport, communications, and all official matters, as well as checking weather conditions Or the sea until it enters or leaves the regional seaports of the exporting country.

 Programming the Entry and Exit of Ships

The locations of the incoming and outgoing ships are determined, then examined and the decision to enter or leave is given through a program designed in the seaports in order to facilitate their entry and exit in the correct way without any errors, so a dedicated department has been designed for the programming of ships.

Loading Goods

If the goods are homemade and exported, all necessary procedures related to this, such as arranging and loading ships, are to be worked out. If they are imported, they are transported from ships to the port through modern and advanced tools and handling machines of all kinds.

 Goods Inspection

After downloading the goods, the operations research staff count and count them until they are delivered to the requesting companies, and all procedural matters are cleared of taxes, services, and financial matters.

 Cargo Transportation

These goods are transported through the cooperation of the management of these seaports to their designated places after they are described in the port. They are transported through trucks to transport these goods until they are distributed to merchants, whether they are retail or retail.