Stages of Manufacturing Granite

Access to Granite

This is accomplished by removing the soil layer, plants and rocks using heavy machinery and equipment.


After finding granite, it is extracted from the quarry and transported. Techniques used to extract granite vary according to the nature of the place where it is found.

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Cutting stones into slabs using circular saws. When the circular saw is turned on, there is a continuous flow of water over this saw in order to dissipate the heat resulting from the process. High temperatures can damage the circular saw and the stones.


Once the cutting process is finished, granite blocks are sent for grinding, to smooth the granite surface. The grinding process is done using a machine with several heads.

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Applying Epoxy

This material is placed on the boards to fill in all the cracks that may have occurred naturally, as well as to make the blocks more solid.


The blocks are treated in a polishing machine with special polishing materials such as silicon carbide.

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