Onshore or offshore, which are rectangular rooms, made of solid iron, and these containers are among the most important and best tools and means for transporting goods because they work to preserve the goods from refrigeration, damage, breakage, or the like, and the goods are transported in an organized and organized way, and the container can carry large tons of the goods.

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Maersk is one of the companies that had great credit for producing such containers, and this industry came instead of loading the goods individually on marine ships, and this idea of ​​containers came out with the beginnings of the last century, as well as this container was used in work offices for the work of facilities, engineers, homes, and stores as well in addition to using them In temporary projects targeting specific cities and deserts such as oil exploration projects, drilling and the like.

There are certain systems and methods for shipping goods within a .container

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Renting a full container to ship the goods, known as the FCL, acronym for the word Full Container Load, and it is often rented to transport goods from China to Arab or European countries, and the goods are many.

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LCL Container Load

It is a container rental, but with limited and limited space, it usually does not rent a full container. Rather, it only shares a portion of it to ship its goods.

When buying or renting a container, it must be preserved, because it usually requires periodic and continuous maintenance from its owner to avoid damage so that it does not corrode with air, water or moisture, or it is subjected to continuous shocks through transportation, shipping, and unloading operations. Containers are the easiest way when exporting and importing goods.

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