The possible weight for loading a 40-foot container is 22 tons, in addition to its total load of about 60 cubic meters. As for its regular dimensions, it is 12 meters in length × 2.25 meters in width × 2.25 meters in height, and the bone length used for it is 80.1 meters where it remains 20 cm to open the door closing.

Initially, the specialized companies regularly ship the marine containers that are shipped by sea and transport them to all parts of the world according to the merchant or the customer, so the shipping process begins with the following steps:

  • Receipt of goods from companies and factories agreed with them.
  • Storage in the warehouse of the shipping companies
  • Packed and arranged with the correct international bases and standards, and weights are dealt with according to the container’s capacity, so a 40-foot container weighs 22 tons of cargo.
  • The necessary securities for the export or import process, invoices, certificate of origin, and necessary supporting documents, depending on the nature of the shipment.

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The specified period for shipping from European or foreign countries to Arab countries ranges from ten days to thirty days, and you, as a merchant or importer, can indicate the following from shipping companies:

Charging Speed

Time is in your favor so that you can promote and sell these goods as quickly as possible and request shipments to change them until the import process is done regularly and effectively.

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Suitable Packaging

 Packaging operations are going in an appropriate manner so as not to cause problems in the goods, whether it is damage or damage to products or goods.

Logistical Follow-up

Follow with the company all the necessary legal procedures to speed up transport and shipping operations to your country

Therefore it must be a continuous and logistical follow-up with the company.

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