What Encourages Investment in Panama?

  • Panama has become a global center for banking and professional services.
  • Panama has a stable political situation that helps attract foreign investors.
  • Panama is supported by a strong banking sector due to its openness to foreign banking institutions.
  • Panama provides many tax benefits to international companies operating on its land.
  • When someone does business in Panama, their income will not be taxable as long as it is from foreign sources.
  • Panama has good infrastructure and is one of the largest free trade centers in the world.

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Procedures for Establishing the Company in Panama

  • Choosing a name for the company.
  • Determining the type of company.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Preparing the company’s articles of association list, which includes basic information such as:
  1. Information about the Board of Directors and shareholders.
  2. Company address and type.
  3. Procedures for keeping company’s records.
  4. The company’s commercial activities.

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  • Company registration, which includes:
  1. Obtaining the company’s public bond by submitting the company’s articles of association to public justice offices.
  2. When the investor obtains a public bond, they must register with the General Register in Panama.
  3. Registration with the General Tax Office.
  4. Registration with the municipality of the region and Ministry of Commerce.
  5. Company registration at the Ministry of Labor.

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Types of Companies in Panama

  • Public Partnership.
  • Limited Partnership.
  • Civil Partnership.
  • Enterprise.
  • One-person Company