Millions of people love it all over the world, and although we do not know the time when the coffee was invented, it has become world-famous, this is why a group of developing countries specializing in the coffee trade emerged globally, as it is one of the best-selling products in the world besides that the most productive country Coffee in Brazil, and it is one of the cities that worked to produce the equivalent of 3,164,100 tons of coffee, and this is in 2018. Vietnam got the second place, where the production rate reached about 1.770,000 tons of coffee, followed by the city of Colombia and the volume of production in it 840 thousand tons of coffee, where Indonesia’s nucleus is fourth. The volume of sales is about 654.120 tons. Finally, the country of Honduras has an investment of 462 thousand tons of coffee.

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Coffee Production

Each individual type remains with its characteristics, and the type that has the first place in it is Arabica, which holds 70% of coffee production and is known internationally as it was cultivated within the lands of Brazil and comes after other types, which are represented in Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Ethiopia, besides that each type contains a ratio 2% of the amount of caffeine, and the global production volume is about 5.825.520 tons. The Robusta quality is the second type of global and well-known type, which represents about 30% of coffee production, as it is also cultivated within the lands of Brazil, India, and Indonesia, and this type of it has about 4 % Of caffeine, which is the second most prevalent species, and the volume of production in it is about 3.737.040 tons, and the volume of exports in it is 2.712.900 tons. Compared to production in previous seasons

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Coffee Prices in the Past Years

One of the most important international trade that has been working since a very large period of time and it has become one of the globally traded commodities and has become accessible to all, because its price is appropriate with most people and they can buy them at any time, and the coffee prices in the markets are as follows:

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The Price of Coffee in Egypt

Coffee in Egypt, in recent years, starts from 80 pounds and reaches 100 pounds, and it is the most common Turkish coffee. As for Yemeni coffee, its price reaches more than 300 pounds. As for Colombian coffee, it reaches 180 pounds, and these prices are affordable for everyone. As for tons, it starts at 3000. To 6000 dollars and it is green coffee, and there are more other types, but they are high-priced. Bin Abdel-Maaboud is stuffed and dark, and the 100 grams is in the range of 21.50 Egyptian pounds, Ben Abdel-Maaboud has 100 grams and the price is 21.50 Egyptian pounds, and there are many types others, which start from 12 Egyptian pounds and reach 100 pounds, which have many discounts in recent periods.

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