In the world of speed and technology, it has become important to be familiar with the top 10 channels that must be taken into consideration when opening a company or work to promote a product or service. This article will introduce you to the most important channels of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

To succeed in the field of social media marketing, you must understand the social network that you want to use in marketing. Each social network is characterized by unique features, and each has its method of communication and its preferred content. Some social networks can be useful for marketing your products and content.

Content Marketing

It is the art of using data and valuable information to increase brand awareness to motivate your audience to buy your products or services. Content marketing aims to build relationships with potential customers, and transform into a partner rather than just an advertiser. This means that content marketing is often used in incoming marketing strategies (inbound marketing) through content-based approaches, which focus on providing value to the intended audience of the content.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

It is a practice or an application that aims to attract visitors in an organic way to a specific site. It is a set of technologies that make websites appear on the Google results page organically, when someone searches for something.

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

It is the use of paid ads to show your website on Google SERP, Bing and other search engine pages. Search engines use an auction system, where website owners can bid on keywords that can be used as search terms by search engine users when they search for information, products, or services. This paid advertising service is Google’s largest source of income and can be a great and attractive way for a new business, as paid results will appear prominently in SERP results.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) Ads

It is one of the digital marketing channels on the Internet in which the advertiser places his ad on internet sites, but he does not pay the value of this advertisement except when it is pressed, as the number of clicks that were made on this ad is calculated and then a certain amount is paid for each click.

Affiliate Marketing

It is a marketing activity in which the business owner gives the marketer a commission for every visitor or customer he brings to the website, and buys a product. It is a process of earning a commission when selling one of the products or services.

That is by promoting the product or service in any way and this product is owned by a person or company and not owned by the marketer himself.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective way to communicate your marketing message to existing and potential customers, and this depends mainly on having a valuable email list. You should work on it extensively to reach the largest possible number from the mailing lists. You can send emails to make a relationship with the audience and of course to achieve more sales.

Emails Include Several Types:

  • Website newsletter.
  • Welcome emails.
  • Lead nurturing messages.
  • Emails to promote products.
  • Confirmation e-mails.

Radio Marketing

Through breaks that interrupt your favorite radio program, where someone speaks and tells you which car to buy, or which one is the best washing machine for your kitchen or similar ads, whether they are products or services. Many of these ads are annoying to you, and a few of them can be entertaining at least when you hear them the first time.

Marketing with Mobile Ads

It is the channel that you cannot ignore. You have to work on applying it to achieve more profits. Mobile marketing is an essential pillar in many giant companies looking to reach their customers anywhere in the world. Whether the company focuses on all the channels mentioned or not, it must be allocating an important part of the advertising spending budget on mobile marketing.