They Won’t Waste Much Time on Transportation

Some employees may reside in areas far from the company’s site. By letting them work from home, you are saving a lot of their time, the thing that contributes to company’s productivity.

They Will Become Happier

Everyone is talking about work-life balance these days, and there is no better way to create this balance between work and personal life for your employees than to let them work from home.

They Will Be More Productive

Employees who work from home will be more productive compared to their counterparts in the office, given that they work in a place that does not cause them a lot of stress while working.

Ease of Communication

Thanks to the internet, employees can stay in touch with the office all the times. The idea of working from home might have been strange twenty years ago. But now you can have access the Internet almost everywhere. Softwares like GoToMeeting and Skype make remote calling easy.

They Won’t Need a Place in The Office

Working at home means that there is no need to allocate a place for the employee in the office. By allowing some workers to work from home, you have the opportunity to get more employees.

You Can Get the Best Employees, Wherever They Were

Since there is no need for the employee to come to the office, you can get the best employees in the fields you seek, regardless of their location in the world.

It Will Increase Employee’s Loyalty

Anyone with an opportunity to work from home would never think to leave this job. By giving your employees this opportunity, they will sure be loyal to your company.