Each manager or official must be able to build teams or make his subordinates work in the spirit of the team, and give them the spirit of teamwork. This is since a large part of the work of institutions and companies is carried out under working groups and work teams, and human nature indicates the preference of people to work in groups.


A business that exists between two or more people, who work together under one umbrella; to achieve one goal, different efforts and competencies join hands to achieve this goal, and everyone works with one team spirit to achieve greater successes and broader developments, and more and faster goals.

A means to achieve the goals and accomplish the work, the one hand does not clap, as the one hand does not achieve, and the goals need to join hands and join efforts; the year of life and the universe are based on the integration of roles and the harnessing of human beings for each other

The Importance of Teamwork

  • Respecting teamwork and making it a great value must be respected.
  • Creating a spirit of competition in work, industries, and individuals.
  • To excel and achieve the greatest possible success and progress.
  • Love of work, and dedication to its performance, to serve the country, its progress, and civilization.
  • Accept opinions and accept differences.
  • Promoting a spirit of dialogue among workers.
  • The work of a single team, such as a closed circuit, must be continued for it to work, and if a part of it is separated, the circuit will not continue and stop its work.
  • Working in a team includes significant progress in improving relations between individuals, forming strong personalities, and long-term friendship, as it has a great role in improving information exchange between them and some.

Teamwork Policies and Controls

  • You have to choose a work team that has a kind of understanding and love, as the ongoing quarrels and conflicts create an environment that is not suitable for work, you can through dialogue create aspects of the agreement between you and the team members and resolve differences so that each of you can work with sincerity, dedication, and love for work.
  • You must give up some conceit that depicts that you can do the work alone and attach some confidence to others that they can help you and provide you with the help that benefits you and benefits them.
  • All team members must realize that teamwork is not an area for competition between them and that the ultimate goal is to achieve everyone’s interest and work in general.
  • If you want to be a team leader you have to have the qualities that qualify you for, including the ability to make decisions that will affect the team as a whole, and bear its outcome later so that team members can trust your capabilities as a team leader.
  • Working on a pre-set plan that allows team members to study the tasks required of them with precision and mastery and adherence to the plan.
  • Divide the work equally among the team members, and that each person takes over the task that suits his capabilities, which gives a sense of responsibility and freedom in creativity and achievement.