Requirements for weekly and monthly meetings is an idea that was created by leaders and specialists in management science for reasons including problem-solving and monthly and future planning and the exchange of information and opinions regarding the progress of the business and in addition to that making important decisions at the level of business development in the institution or company and in this article we will address the most important effects resulting from the lack of Holding monthly and weekly meetings for employees.

 Future Problems

The meetings arrange the internal affairs of the institution and help avoid future problems

So what about an organization that did not hold meetings for its employees, as this indicates the lack of seriousness of the institution working by the directors of departments and boards of directors.

 The Inability of Staff to Meet

Usually, the meetings provide an opportunity to get to know the employees of the company, meet with them, exchange views, and express the opinions of employees. All this will become invalid when there are no such meetings, so these meetings should be held because they benefit the employees and the company.

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 Weak Achievement

Failure to hold corporate meetings for employees reduces the actual and real achievement of employees

The company becomes non-follow-up to periodic, monthly, and weekly matters, and the company weakens the ability of employees to accomplish and create their work.

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 Inability to Innovate

The Foundation holds meetings for consultation with new and creative ideas to be developed and when there are no continuous meetings by managers, the Foundation is prohibited from innovation, creativity, and development

because by meetings all new ideas are presented and in case these meetings are not held

there will not be any ideas for consultation because managers are not invited to meet with their employees to discuss new ideas.

The Institution’s Inability to Compete

Periodic meetings continue for a period to study the reality and what is new in the markets until there is high competition for companies and the introduction of new products so that the institution can strong competition, so in this case, the institution loses to its customers because there is no periodic and monthly follow-up of the products that are put on the market, whether weekly, monthly or seasonal.

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