‘Manufactured’ Tag

The company places it on the products that are produced so that it is recognized by customers and consumers and with the passage of time and days this mark becomes evidence of products and goods and this mark is placed by the manufacturer or company to distinguish its services and products from other products offered in the market.


Use by the merchant to distinguish the products that he buys by wholesalers or from the factory directly, this mark indicates the source of the sale and sometimes the brand is added with the mark of manufacture and sometimes it replaces the mark of manufacture as well and in this case, the brand loses its role.

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 Service Mark

The owner of the service uses it to indicate his service in the market and its appearance, and this mark is completely different from the marks of manufacture and trade and this mark is intangible, such as commercial banks, insurance companies, travel, tourism, restaurants, hotels, and residential apartments, and this logo or mark is used in financial bills, reservations, correspondence papers, envelopes or clothes Its workers, company cars, or the like.

 Group Marks

It is a mark of manufacture, commercial, or service and it can be used by any individual who abides by its use system because it is prepared in advance by the owner of this mark and the tasks are harmful to the same regular mark. To market their products, this establishment sets standards for the collective mark, such as international quality standards, and allows owners of trademarks to exploit this mark if these standards are fulfilled.

 Collective Certification

The mark is determined by specific criteria, but it is not restricted by any membership and it is permissible for any person to benefit from it if the standards are in conformity with its products, and the advantage that is available in this mark is that any person may benefit from it if it complies with the criteria set by the owner of the mark (collective certification) and it is a condition required in the collective certification marks that the body applying for registration be eligible to certify the products Concerned, for example, “The Wool mark symbol is a registered and certified trademark for the purpose of collective certification and confirms that the product is high quality and made with 100% quality wool. This symbol is registered 140 countries and licensed to be used by factories capable of complying with the mentioned quality standards.”

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