Friendly Seller

He cares more about the customer than he does about the goods and services he sells, believing that developing the relationship with customers achieves successful and very long-term business deals in the long run, even if he loses it in his first business career.

Creative Seller of Solutions

Seeks to find realistic, logical, and innovative solutions and is always keen on caring for customers because they are the basis in selling, and he cares for them in particular.

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Vendor Seller

Only their role is to know the demands and needs of customers and then meet them, the seller here is not looking for customers and does not appear to persuade them to make a decision to purchase, but rather their knowledge and demand is met.

Unsecured Seller

He is always interested in completing and contracting deals, without taking into accounts the needs and requirements of clients, and does not depend on human and social relationships, since it is from his point of view that there is no return for them.

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Catalyst Seller

He is characterized by high flexibility with clients, his effectiveness is high and acceptable in completing all deals, and his is very concerned with the needs and requirements of clients and then quickly meet them.

Attributes of the Seller


It builds trust among customers, enhances the value of communication between everyone, and facilitates buying and selling procedures because the trade is dependent on honesty and the high credibility of the seller.


Achievement always motivates sellers to reach their main goals, and makes them believe in their roles, and can develop from himself and set out for a world of successful selling and is always superior to other than sellers.

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 Time Management

Through a robust and effective plan, they invest in people who affect them positively on their income, avoid wasting time with people who have no return, and know-how to spend their time with activities and businesses that have benefits for them.


A clear plan through the information and data available to him, so that all things are utilized very quickly and effectively.

Good Manners

Dealing with customers must be with great tolerance, as this makes sellers preferred and loved by customers, and sellers earn new customers and give them a great incentive to deal with them in a positive spirit.

Understand All

They make a complete picture of their needs and requirements and always ask customers about their needs to satisfy their desires and through listening and understanding; they can form a better picture of what customers are looking for.

Learning And Development

Learning is a feature of successful people who excel in their work and invest in developing themselves and their skills and learning everything new in selling.

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