It requires certain climatic factors in order to grow well and dense because it needs a hot climate as well as a suitable land for cultivation and this is available in some countries without others. It is known that cotton has several types or strains as is said scientifically and each type has its own origin land capable of providing all appropriate factors from In order to cultivate it and produce it abundantly, through this article we will explain the types of commercial cotton circulating globally in detail, as we will talk about the preference among these types and the most widespread and export so follow us.

Cotton Barbadans

Egyptian cotton is required at the commercial level in many countries of the world because of its advantages and great quality, and this cotton belongs to the Barbadans type as that strain also includes cotton produced in Georgia and the cotton of some American states and is a plant with a long staple and of great quality so the demand is high It is because it is suitable for many products and its quality qualifies it to be durable. Whenever the weather conditions are appropriate, this cotton is produced with great quality and is used internationally.

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Cotton that is Known as Herbarium

It is characterized by the availability of more than one color of the staple, as there are white staples, as well as yellow and brown staples

As for its height, it is between two and five feet, which means that it is wonderfully long and this type of cotton is widely cultivated in India. It is also found in the northern regions of America where Texas and others are, and it is one of the types of commercial cotton that are in great demand due to its quality. The earnings of the countries exporting it significantly

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Types of Commercial Cotton

The Peruvianum strain, which is the famous American cotton with a rough texture with a large length It is known that the origins of Egyptian cotton are due to this type, and the species is also arborium cotton, which is spread widely in India as well as some places in China, and a characteristic of that cotton is that its staple is short And its color is closer to the yellow color and this type of cotton is known to be perennial, and each type of cotton has a special time in which agriculture is carried out according to climatic conditions and the necessary capabilities. Cotton can also be divided in another way according to the method of cultivation followed, as there are types of cotton that depend heavily on fertilizers and this type of cotton is known as inorganic cotton and cotton is cultivated in this manner in some countries, but in the case that cotton cultivation is carried out according to the quality and fertility of the land and appropriate Climate without the need for chemical intervention, that cotton is the organic cotton that grows naturally and abundantly and is available in countries without others such as India, China and some American states located in the northern regions as well as Egypt.

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