Tuna industry has a history of more than 100 years and the first was manufactured and canned in 1900 AD and canned tuna is the second largest species that is consumed by the population of the United States of America, and in this article, we will explain on our trade platform the types of canned tuna.

 Albacore White Tuna

This type of tuna is rich in vitamins and many proteins, it is slices of fish and easy to prepare sandwiches and this type is a very coherent and white color that you can use in cooking tuna biryani, kabsa, and tuna pasta.

Tenderia Tuna

Known as the best kind of canned tuna fish, with the type and size fine delicacy to eat and this type is specialized in sandwiches, just like small-sized pastries pasta of various kinds and prepared in various forms.

 Low-Salt Tuna

It is characterized by the lack of salt and water, as well as fat in the box, and is useful for people who maintain their physical and health, and tastes are among the best types of canned tuna.

 Chili Tuna

This type of tuna is for people who love spicy tuna and it also has a great taste that many people like and you can eat it with salty appetizers or in open buffets.

 Olive-Oil Tuna

This type of tuna is very beneficial to humans because it contains many health benefits, proteins, and fats that are beneficial to human health and very suitable for authorities such as the power of tuna quinoa.

 Tuna in Sunflower Oil

It is one of the best types of canned tuna and it has many benefits, so it is frequently requested at all times and is very suitable for many food dishes, such as tuna lasagna or tuna sushi and tuna omelet.

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