Chickpeas are among the important varieties in the list of legumes, so there are many types of chickpeas, and their height reaches from 60 to 70 cm. In this article, we will look at many varieties and types of chickpeas present in Egypt:

Giza 1

It is distinguished by its small size seeds, which begins to develop after 75 days of cultivation.

Giza 2

It is characterized by small seeds and is used for cooking purposes such as falafel, beans, and many Egyptian popular dishes.

Giza 531

This type is characterized by its large size, it surpasses the existing varieties and commercial types and it is widely traded with merchants and consumers.

Giza 195

It is considered one of the most sought-after varieties and types in the Egyptian market, it is superior to all varieties and is characterized by rapid growth and blooming after 78 days of cultivation and its white flowers are picked after 158 days and it is one of the varieties that are resistant to the disease and tolerates mold of all kinds whether the roots or stem during the planting period are susceptible to diseases Scotia.

Giza 88

Of the varieties of medium demand on them in the Egyptian market, and they are characterized by large size and resistance to diseases that appear on flowers, whether wilted or roots snuffing and ripen for a period ranging between 4 months and is similar to Giza 4 from the hadith of the crop.

Giza 4

It is considered one of the new varieties that invaded the Egyptian market, and the size of the crop ranges between 6-7 Europeans / acres.