Self-publishing on the Internet the field of selling novels and making a profit from them witnessed a major transformation and greater interest. This field does not require agents, and novelists are always advised to develop linguistic skills, technical talent, and imagination until one becomes a successful writer. The authors of the best-selling novels in the world are aimed at people who are considering writing creative novel work.

Find the Stories that are Best for you and your Personality

Choosing and telling stories that are appropriate and vital for you, everything you express and write about will have a deep inner feeling inside you before it is a desire to write and the famous novelists see that you must love what you do even if you exercise the pressure to accomplish it at a specific time

So that you can market your novel correctly and the novel that works for you helps you to communicate with customers, regardless of their interests and their usual books.

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 Personal Experiences to Inspire and Write

You have to learn to become another person in the writing process because it will force you to enter into the minds and hearts of the characters and this will help you to creatively write fiction

You should be sufficiently knowledgeable and experienced on this subject because it is not easy, and novelists are always advised to belong to new and qualitative ideas and to keep a notebook of notes, blogging, and reflection and call them at the time of writing.

Make Sufficient Effort in Preparation

That you have an innate talent for drafting, plot, and feelings and loves to be patient in the first place and sometimes it takes years in the process of writing the novel but after years you will achieve income and high profit from it and take into account brainstorming, preparation, preparation, and proper character building and careful study, for example, if you wrote a novel about Immigration In this work, you will need to bring up the stage and time of immigration so that you can approach it in an intelligent manner and present it to readers in an attractive way, and the best novels are what you feel with reality, not fiction.

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Do not Drag Yourself into a Quick Profit

Do not target your goal towards profit until you do not become disappointed, and always build your idea of ​​communicating the novel’s message, not profit, and make building characters, dialogue and plot your main goal in the novel, and train more and then the profit comes alone if you provide a high-quality human literary value, you must know the publishing process takes A long time, maybe years.

Continue the Reading Process

You must not give up reading in the process of writing your novel so that no confusion occurs. Reading is the craft of novel writing and sets your rhythm to the art of the novel and you gain a lot of experience on the rules of literary work of its various types and reading attracts you to writing and expand your imagination horizon.

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Build your Own Brand

There are no indisputable steps inevitably to become a great and successful novelist, yet there are essential things to become a great novelist, including spelling and linguistic errors, and this will earn you the confidence of readers, publishers, and book distributors. And your creative personality and you should be in direct contact with readers and clients, especially through social media sites that provide you with a good means of communication with readers, the public, and the novelists’ community.

Practice Your Own Draft

Choose what they want to say and how to express it in an engaging narrative style before starting the actual writing process for publishers. Always try to allocate early morning time to writing and develop your own habits in a way that suits your writing ability and personality and you must persevere and persuade yourself with everything you write and if you feel bored while writing tries to change the region and the surrounding environment.

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