It allows you to keep track of time easily, manage your schedule, and manage meetings. It can be used on computers and mobile phones and allows you to sync several calendars. You will be able to track your time, and become more effective in scheduling meetings and events with easy-to-use calendar analytics and settings.


For freelancers, this app is a very good time tracking app. It can be used to keep track of many multiple task projects. If you work with a team, you can divide tasks within the project for more productivity.


Unlike many other apps, TopTracker is a time tracking app. This app lets people control what is being tracked. It contains all the useful tools, like timers, the ability to take screenshots, and more. The free app is available on all devices and also works on Windows.

Klok Desktop Application

This app is used to keep track of time using data gathered from past projects to let you know how much time you will need for your projects in the future. The app also lets you divide your project into different categories, so you can see how much time you are spending in meetings, on the phone, or in the marketing phase.