Horses have become a great passion for humans, especially the Arabian Gulf region for horse races and competitions, whether in the field of races or the display of specifications. Horse breeding is witnessing a great spread throughout the world, especially as all of these competitions generate a huge amount of money for the owners, whether it is the participants in it or the breeders. And if you are a horse hobbyist and pay attention to the details of their trade, this article highlights the most expensive types of horses around the world.

Horse Palloubet D’halong

The most expensive horse in the world in 2014 Its price reached more than 15 million dollars and participated in many international competitions, and certainly this horse is classified as one of the best horses in the world.

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 Green Monkey

The most valuable types of horses in the world that existed in the United States of America and the world in general, at a price of $16 million, the Green Monkey horse was sold at an auction in 2006, and the interesting thing is that this American horse, despite its formal retirement, it managed to maintain its position as one of the most valuable and precious horses around the world.

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Its price reached $21 million from among the most expensive types of horses around the world. This horse is one of the most integrated, ideal, and graceful horses ever. This horse obtained several prizes in the global dressage competitions, and it is of Dutch origin.

Shareef Dancer

A royal horse with distinction, it ranks second in the list of the most expensive and most valuable horses around the world, at a price of $40 millions, and is located in Godolphin in the United Kingdom.

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